REVIVE: Education & Collaboration

Through REVIVE, we are improving, accelerating and streamlining antibiotic research and development. With many researchers in the antibiotics field leaving or re-focusing their activities, there is a risk of losing invaluable experience and knowledge. This know-how is crucial for the discovery, research and development of urgently needed antibiotic treatments.

To address this challenge, GARDP created REVIVE, which aims to improve, accelerate, and streamline drug discovery and research and development by directly connecting researchers with established and retired antibiotic researchers and developers, and by facilitating learning and knowledge exchange.

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REVIVE activities

Facilitating learning

With a strong educational focus, REVIVE is gathering, disseminating and increasing knowledge in the field of antibiotic research and development. Activities include open access webinars, conference sessions and workshops led by experts. Recordings are freely available through REVIVE.

Connecting people

REVIVE provides all those in the antibiotics field, from academia, start-ups, biotech and large companies, with access to scientific advice from experienced drug developers. The REVIVE expert network is continuously growing with the aim of representing an international group of senior scientific and medical professionals.

Sharing knowledge

Through its Antimicrobial Viewpoints, GARDP aims to share knowledge and stimulate discussions on highly relevant topics in the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) space. The authors share their knowledge and opinions about the current status and the future challenges in this field. Another resource, the Antimicrobial Encyclopaedia was launched in October 2020 to define many terms used in the field, with some featured in videos by leading experts.