AMS – La Principauté de Monaco soutient les efforts du GARDP pour lutter contre la septicémie résistante aux médicaments chez les nouveau-nés

[Geneva – 23 May 2019] 

A l’occasion de la 72ème Assemblée Mondiale de la Santé, durant laquelle la résistance aux antimicrobiens (RAM) était un des sujets prioritaires à l’agenda, GARDP a annoncé la contribution allouée par le Gouvernement Princier pour soutenir son programme de lutte contre la septicémie néonatale en Afrique du Sud, où la résistance aux antimicrobiens est un problème important.

GARDP and Penta partner to accelerate the development of children’s antibiotics to tackle AMR

[Geneva/Padova – 4 March 2019] 

GARDP and Penta, the paediatric infectious diseases research network, have joined forces to tackle drug-resistant infections in children. The strategic collaboration aims to accelerate paediatric development of antibiotic treatments including: clinical trials designed to meet regulatory requirements; and trials with a focus on public health interventions to inform treatment guidelines.

German MOH continues supporting GARDP’s efforts to develop affordable antibiotics

[Geneva – 4 January 2019]
Funding supports developing antibiotics for important global health priorities
GARDP is pleased to receive a EUR 1.5 million investment from the German Federal Ministry of Health (MOH). This funding is already contributing to GARDP’s efforts to develop antibiotics for drug-resistant infections including sexually-transmitted infections and newborns with sepsis – both important global health priorities. The investment also supports GARDP’s growth as its incubation period, hosted by DNDi, comes to an end.

Research collaboration agreement seeks to address deaths in newborns from sepsis

[Liverpool, Geneva – 18 December 2018]
The University of Liverpool has signed a collaborative research agreement with GARDP in a bid to develop new treatment options for newborns with sepsis. The research seeks to explore the correct dose and frequency of potential antibiotic combinations that could improve treatment outcomes in this vulnerable population.

सेप्सिस ग्रसित नवजात शिशुओं हेतु अवलोकन अध्ययन की शुरुआत करने के लिए नयी दिल्ली में शोधार्थी जुटे

[नयी दिल्ली/ जेनेवा – एम्बार्गो : मंगलवार 3 जुलाई 2018]
अध्ययन का उद्देश्य नये उपचार के विकास के लिए मार्गदर्शन करना व नवजात शिशुओं की मृत्युओं की वैश्विक वृद्धि को उलटना है
ग्यारह देशों के 80 से भी अधिक शोधार्थी नयी दिल्ली में नवजात शिशुओं में सेप्सिस व एंटीबायोटिक निर्देशित करने के मौजूदा तरीकों को समझने के लिए मिल रहे हैं | अवलोकन अध्ययन का नेतृत्व करने के लिए GARDP को बिल एंड मिलिंडा गेट्स फाउंडेशन की ओर से 2 मिलियन अमरीकी डॉलर के ज़रिये बांग्लादेश, भारत, केन्या, दक्षिण अफ्रीका व यूगांडा में अध्ययन के लिए साइट में सहयोग मिल रहा है |

Researchers gather in New Delhi to kick off observational study for newborns with sepsis

[New Delhi/Geneva – 3 July 2018]
Study aims to guide development of new treatments and reverse global increase in deaths of newborns
Over 80 researchers from 11 countries are meeting in New Delhi today to kick off an observational study to understand sepsis in newborns and current antibiotic prescribing practices. The observational study, led by GARDP, is benefiting from US$2 million funding from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

South African Medical Research Council funds GARDP efforts to deliver new antibiotics for drug-resistant infections

[26 April 2018]
Funding will support studies on new treatments for neonatal sepsis and drug-resistant STIs in South Africa
GARDP is pleased to announce the strengthening of its collaborative efforts with the SAMRC. This funding will contribute to the global development and delivery of affordable new or improved antibiotic treatments for drug-resistant bacterial infections where there are currently no adequate treatments, beginning with neonatal sepsis and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).