GARDP, Eisai, and Takeda announce partnership in the search for new antibiotics

[Tokyo/Geneva – 12 December 2018]
First multi-actor partnership tests chemical compounds for antibacterial activity
GARDP, Eisai, and Takeda have signed an agreement for GARDP to access and screen components of Eisai and Takeda’s chemical libraries. Both libraries will be tested by the Institut Pasteur Korea in the hope of discovering novel compounds with antibacterial activity. This multi-partner agreement supports GARDP’s efforts to tackle serious bacterial infections by developing antibiotics while endeavouring to ensure their sustainable access.

한국파스퇴르연구소, 신규 항생제 개발을 위한 국제 공동연구에 참여한다

배포일: 2018년 12월 12일
GARDP-에자이-다케다제약, 다자간 글로벌 파트너십 맺고 화합물 항균력 테스트 착수
한국파스퇴르연구소(소장: 류왕식)는 글로벌 항생제 연구개발 비영리 국제단체 (Global Antibiotic Research & Development Partnership, 이하 GARDP)와 일본계 글로벌 제약사들이 진행하는 새로운 항생제 개발 연구에 참여한다. GARDP는 최근 일본 글로벌 제약사 에자이(Eisai Co., Ltd., 이하 에자이), 다케다제약(Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, 이하 다케다제약)과 항생제 개발 연구를 위한 다자간 파트너십 협약을 맺고 두 제약사가 제공하는 화합물 라이브러리를 활용한 항생제 개발 연구를 착수하였으며, 한국파스퇴르연구소 연구팀은 자체 구축된 초고속 약효검색 시스템을 이용하여 화합물 라이브러리로부터 항균물질 도출 및 검증 연구를 수행한다.


Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (グローバル抗菌薬研究開発パートナーシップ、本部:スイス・ジュネーブ、以下「GARDP」)、エーザイ株式会社 (本社:東京都文京区、以下「エーザイ」) および武田薬品工業株式会社 (本社:大阪市中央区、以下「武田薬品」) は、抗菌活性を有する新たな化合物を発見することを目指し、エーザイおよび武田薬品の化合物ライブラリーを用いたGARDPによるスクリーニング実施に関する契約を締結しました。今後、エーザイおよび武田薬品から提供された化合物の抗菌活性試験はInstitut Pasteur Korea (所在地:キョンギド・ソンナム市、以下「韓国パスツール研究所」) にて実施されます。複数のパートナーによる本契約は、新規抗菌薬の開発と持続可能なアクセスの担保により、深刻な細菌感染症に立ち向かうGARDPの取り組みを推し進めるものです。

Global review finds consumption of children’s antibiotics varies widely with little correlation between countries’ wealth and types of antibiotics prescribed

[4 December 2018]
Researchers analyzing the sales of oral antibiotics for children in 70 high- and middle-income countries found that consumption varies widely from country to country with little correlation between countries’ wealth and the types of antibiotics. Of concern is the relatively low-level use of amoxicillin, an antibiotic to treat the most common childhood infections. In addition, the review found the sale of antibiotics which should only be used for specific indications, or ‘Watch’ antibiotics in a quarter of all countries accounted for 20% of total antibiotic consumption. This is of concern since there is a higher risk of bacteria developing resistance to ‘Watch’ antibiotics.

Novel antibiotic shows promise in treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhoea

[Geneva – 7 November 2018]
Results of a phase II clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of zoliflodacin in patients with uncomplicated gonorrhoea have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine today. The data show zoliflodacin, an oral antibiotic, was well-tolerated and achieved very high microbiological cure rates, at urogenital sites, in patients with uncomplicated gonorrhoea.