The focus: unaddressed public health gaps

GARDP’s work begins with prioritizing R&D to focus on unaddressed public health gaps, notably for drug-resistant bacterial infections. Through partnership, collaboration, and coordination as well as the adoption of innovative business models, GARDP will ensure that R&D investment offers public health returns, delinking the cost of antibiotic treatments from the price of the products and volume-based sales. The goal is for effective antibiotic treatments to be made affordable and accessible to all in need and in a manner which minimizes the risk of inducing resistance. GARDP will work by prioritizing and then directly executing R&D programmes as well as establishing broader collaborative partnerships to deliver on its mission and vision.


GARDP’S Objectives 2017 – 2023

GARDP Objective 1

Develop and deliver up to four new treatments through improvement of existing antibiotics and acceleration of the entry of new chemical entities.

Build a robust pipeline of pre-clinical and clinical candidates with up to four candidates brought into pre-clinical or clinical development.

GARDP Objective 2

Secure EUR 270 million to execute its R&D programmes, build a highly experienced R&D team, and establish a dedicated entity.

GARDP Objective 3

Support and advocate for appropriate use of antibiotics, sustainable access, and suitable financing of R&D for new antibiotic treatments.