AMRI aims to recover the knowledge, data, and assets of forgotten, abandoned, or withdrawn antibiotics while the search for new classes is pursued and a new generation of researchers in antibiotic R&D is championed.


Primary objectives

  1. Build a global, leading panel of world experts in antibiotic drug discovery and development with industry and academic backgrounds.
  2. Together with the expert panel, identify drug opportunities, including ‘early-stage, forgotten and abandoned’ antibiotics, suitable for GARDP infectious disease focus.

Secondary objectives

  1. Create an online portal to facilitate access of young scientists with an interest in antimicrobial discovery to experts.
  2. Launch a training curriculum in antibiotic discovery with specific guidelines, protocols and standard operating procedures up to the planning of clinical trials
  3. Support international training courses in antibiotic discovery and development.
  4. Design and implement a repository of chemicals, assay reagents, assay strains and bacterial pathogens accessible to everyone with an interest in antimicrobial discovery.





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