World Health Summit – Confronting AMR through Sustainable Antibiotic R&D, Equitable Access and Responsible Stewardship

25 Oct 2021

Time: October 25, 12:30pm – 2pm CET / 10:30am – 12pm UTC


Dr. Erin Duffy, Chief of Research & Development, CARB-X

Dr. Michael Lobritz, Antibiotics Early Development Head, Roche

Henry Skinner, CEO, AMR Action Fund

Subasree Srinivasan, Medical Director, GARDP


To successfully tackle the challenge of AMR, we need to increase support of sustainable antibiotic R&D. However, it is also important that there is both equitable access to, and responsible stewardship of antibiotics, so that these life-saving drugs are available for all patients who need them, whilst being safeguarded for future generations.

This session will explore what initiatives are already underway to achieve this, the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders, and what new mechanisms we may need.

Join the digital session

Meeting ID: 832 0295 5649

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