World Health Summit 2018

14-16 October 2018
Berlin, Germany

Laura Piddock, Head of Scientific Affairs, GARDP – workshop on antibiotic R&D

IUSTI 2018 World & Europe Congress

27-30 June 2018
Dublin, Ireland

Jessica Renaux, Clinical Trial Manager, STI Programme, GARDP – session on antimicrobial resistance in gonorrhea and round table on strengthening STI case management in resource-constraint settings

Webinar on PK/PD for antimicrobial development

26 June 2018
Time: 17:00-18:30 CEST

In this webinar, William Hope will talk about the role of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics for antimicrobial drug development. He will discuss the EMA guideline on the use of PK/PD and basic studies to inform dose finding strategies. He will also advise on realistic benchmarking, endpoints, and interpretation of study results.

Webinar on clinical development of antibiotics

13 June 2018
Time: 17:00-18:30 CEST

In this presentation we introduce the relationship between the discovery phase and later clinical development. We discuss in some depth traditional clinical development pathways (tiers A and B) focusing on the non-inferiority trial design.

ASM Microbe 2018

7 – 11 June 2018
Atlanta, United States

GARDP – workshop co-organizer on pre-clinical toxicology challenges

28th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

21-24 April 2018
Madrid, Spain

Jean-Pierre Paccaud, Director of Business Development & Development Strategy – pipeline talk
GARDP – session co-organizer on expediting antibacterial development
Ursula Theuretzbacher, Founder and Director, Center for Anti-Infective Agents – session on GARDP
Magnus Unemo, Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Gonorrhoea and other STIs – session on gonorrhoea

Superbugs & Superdrugs 2018

19-20 March, 2018
London, United Kingdom
Jean-Pierre Paccaud, Director of Business Development at GARDP – presentation of GARDP’s model

Gordon Research Conference 2018

11-16 March 2018
Ventura, United States

Laura Piddock, Head of Scientific Affairs, GARDP – discussion leader for a session on antibacterial drug discovery and development

7th FIDSSA Congress

November 9-11, 2017
Cape Town, South Africa
Manica Balasegaram, Director of GARDP, presented at the event.

Keystone Symposia

October 29-November 1, 2017
Santa Fe, USA
Giovanni Salerno, GARDP Head of Transversal Programmes, presented on the antibiotic memory recovery initiative.


X National Congress of Tropical Medicine and International Health

October 23-25, 2017
Bilbao, Spain
Representatives from DNDi and GARDP took part in the event.

STI & HIV World Congress

July 9-12, 2017
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Manica Balasegaram, GARDP’s Director, presented to and participated in, the round table at the event.

ASM Microbe 2017

June 1-5, 2017
New Orleans, USA
Manica Balasegaram, GARDP’s Executive Director, presented on antibiotics at the event.

Solutions for Drug-Resistant Infections

3-5 April, 2017
Brisbane, Australia
Jean-Pierre Paccaud, Business Development Director at Global Antibiotic R&D Partnership (GARDP), DNDi presented on antimicrobial resistance.