Patrice Courvalin

Professor Emeritus de Classe Exceptionnelle, Antibacterial Agents Unit, Institut Pasteur, France

Patrice Courvalin, MD, is Professor Emeritus de Classe Exceptionnelle at the Institut Pasteur in the Antibacterial Agents Unit. He and his collaborators are experts in the genetics and biochemistry of antibiotic resistance. In particular, he first described and then elucidated vancomycin resistance in Enterococcus. His research has led to a revision of the dogma describing natural dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes. He and his colleagues demonstrated that a wide variety of pathogenic bacteria can promiscuously exchange the genetic material conferring antibiotic resistance, proved that conjugation could account for dissemination of resistance determinants between phylogenetically remote bacterial genera, elucidated the transposition mechanism of conjugative transposons from Gram-positive cocci, and more recently, has obtained direct gene and protein transfer from bacteria to mammalian cells. His work is reported in more than 330 publications in international scientific journals (H index 91; citations ca. 27000).