Azadeh Baghaki, Business Development Manager, GARDP, DNDi

Azadeh joined GARDP in September 2018 as Business Development Manager.

Azadeh is a pharmacist, public health specialist, and accredited partnership broker with 15 years of professional experience. After running a consulting firm, she switched to the humanitarian and development sector working on access to essential medicines and health products. By leading strategic multi-sector partnerships and advising on sustainable access she contributed to improving access to essential medicines and health products for mothers and children in greatest need.

Azadeh also worked at WHO Neglected Tropical Diseases department as a Senior Advisor, responsible for quality, safety, and access to medicines. She led the WHO Strategic Technical Advisory Group’s Working Group on Access to Essential Medicines for NTDs (WGA), influencing and coordinating the activities of working group members. She brokered and managed partnerships within the different departments in WHO as well as externally. 

Prior to joining GARDP, Azadeh worked on access projects including responding to the World Health Assembly resolution on shortages of medicines and vaccines and supporting national preparedness for pandemic influenza vaccine deployment and use.