Webinar: Innovation in point-of-care diagnostics for sepsis and bloodstream infections

24 November 2019
Time: 9:30-11:00AM CET

REVIVE is an online space to connect and support the antimicrobial R&D community. REVIVE’s aims are to facilitate learning, connect people, and share knowledge. The REVIVE webinar series on antimicrobial drug discovery and R&D is brought to you by GARDP’s Antimicrobial Memory Recovery & Exploratory Programme. 

REVIVE Webinar Series

Converting Gram-positive-only compounds into broad-spectrum antibiotics


  • Till Bachmann, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Amrita Sukrity, SpotSense, India
  • David Anderson, Burnet Institute, Australia

Moderator: Caroline Purslow, Nesta Challenges

In this webinar our moderator Caroline Purslow (Nesta Challenges) will welcome three speakers.

Till Bachmann will give an overview of recent advances in AMR diagnostics development. He will discuss:

  1. State of the art approaches for diagnosing infections and AMR
  2. Pipeline of promising tests
  3. Challenges of adoption

Amrita Sukrity will draw from her experience as a founder of SpotSense and talk about diagnosis of neonatal sepsis at the community level. Topics discussed will include:

  1. Challenges across diagnosing newborn sepsis in NICU vs. in the community
  2. Identifying different phases of sepsis by combining risk parameters and biomarker data
  3. Creating outlines for biomarker-based differential diagnosis: work ahead

And finally, David Anderson’s presentation ‘CD64 as a host-response biomarker in sepsis and severe infections’ will cover:

  1. Limitations of flow cytometry for CD64 as a diagnostic tool of sepsis and severe infections in emergency situations
  2. Novel observations on CD64 biology that should facilitate more sensitive a point-of-care (POC) diagnostic tests for sepsis and severe infections
  3. The ongoing development of a POC diagnostic test for neutrophil CD64

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

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